"If you are not measuring, you are guessing. And guessing can make anyone an expert...until the truth is exposed. In data we trust!"

Zig Ziegler- The Sports Kinesiologist

With over 27 years of experience in health, fitness, and sports performance improvement, Zig and his team have helped some of the world’s best athletes find their groove in Running, Baseball, Basketball, Olympic Softball, Football, Golf and individuals with many other sports in fitness areas.

Our analysis is designed to help foresee and resolve serious sports-related injuries. Our efforts have helped dozens NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL players overcome serious injuries to stay on the field.

Through the use of proprietary motion capture technology, our team quickly identifies the positives and negatives of any body movement or “motion”. Exercises from the resulting assessment can prevent injuries, as well as dictate the appropriate training, instruction, or rehab program.  Fast, accurate measurement of the movement and forces acting on the body, stunning 3-D computer animations, synchronized video and rich data analysis together all performed with an underlying foundation in science, are what drive all of our services.

We offer training and educational programs for health, fitness, medical and sports professionals who want to learn more about 3D-Biomechanics testing and how it can positively and dramatically impact the health and development of their clients, patients or athletes.

When you experience any level of interaction with Zig and Fitness from the Ground Up in a health and wellness setting, you will:

  • Develop an understanding of the physical requirements for the repeatability of any motion, sports skill/technique, or physical activity

  • Identify the physical limitations specifically affecting how each client’s body moves

  • Identify the root causes of those limitations

  • Receive and be able to recommend specific exercises, drills or other activities to improve the physical performance of each client.