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If workout lifting weights, cross training, or just want to identify how to make your body move efficiently, our Fitness From the Ground Up Functional Movement Screen is the solution for you.  


Using the most advanced, wearable health and fitness technologies to eliminate personal opinion and provide objective results, every participant who receives this screen will discover the most important areas of their body to address in order to achieve Fitness from the Ground Up!​

Our 3D-Functional Movement Screen
(Overhead Squat)
Assesses upper and lower body weaknesses and how they affect all movements of the body.

This eight sensor evaluation measures the posture of the lower legs and feet, knees, pelvis, torso, head and arms.

Once the analysis is complete, the results are analyzed to generate a detailed report of findings and customized exercise program.

(Power Squat, Power Cleans, Dead Lift and Other Lifting Analysis also available)

Identify How to Instantly Improve....

Squat Technique by Up to 40%

in Less than 10 Days

Lower Body Strength & Flexibility

By Up to 22% in Less than 21 Days

Upper Body Strength by up to 27%
      in Less than 4 Weeks