The Sports Kinesiologist



The Sports Kinesiologist

Zig Ziegler is one of the world's leading experts in Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Sports Performance, and Injury Prevention.  Zig is also the Founder of the performance coaching and consulting company -  Z Athlete Factory and the inventor of The RunRite System-the worlds first video synched, wearable running analysis system.


Zig's  experience includes working with professional, collegiate, and high school athletes, individually and in the team environment as well as the individuals in the private sector.

Zig is also set to publish his new book Building Runners: From the Ground Up (Scheduled release date: JUNE 2021).  This book sheds light on how athletes and professionals work together to master and develop the key physical performance factors essential to improving overall running results and preventing injuries.


Over the past nearly 30 years, Zig has assisted more than 100,000 athletes from numerous sports worldwide, and at levels ranging from youth athletes to Olympians.

Zig's efforts have supported numerous high school and collegiate All-Americans, collegiate champions, as well as NBA, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and World Series Champions.

Zig with former NFL star Anquan Boldin

during the research and development state of his technology -The RunRite System



has consulted with over 100,000 athletes, coaches, trainers, physical therapists and delivered public speaking engagements to high school, collegiate/professional teams and organizations including ...

Zig's programs help assist athletes and coaches in achieving breakthroughs in running performance and eliminating injuries by using proprietary technology and the science of kinesiology.  Zig specializes in biomechanics assessments using motion capture technology, combined with an extensive background in sports Kinesiology. Over the past 27 years, Zig's journey has taken him into working relationships with over three dozen professional sports teams, hundreds of collegiate teams, and over 100,000 athletes. 


As a former all-American hurdler, track and field has always been my passion.    Back in 1991 when Zig started working with athletes, he believed there was something to the theory that in order to race fast, athletes had to train fast - but not everyday.   And in order to maintain that kind of high intensity load,  Zig discovered that becoming more efficient was the key. And measuring was the only way to know if athletes were being efficient and eliminating the guessing.


That first year of coaching made Zig hungry for more!   Zig's biggest complaint throughout out his entire career has been one simple thought: Why do other professionals ignore the individual athlete and instead focus on training athletes for the sport? Zig covers this in detail during all of our transformation seminars and courses.

The short answer? We didn't know what we didn't know, we didn't know.... until we started to measure HOW each athlete's body was moving and WHAT each individual athlete could do to improve

Zig's Areas of Expertise
  • Foot Function & Dysfunction
  • Running Biomechanics   
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Corrective Exercise Techniques
  • Jumping Plyometrics    
  • Flexibility/Joint Mobility   
  • Motion Analysis in Sports Medicine
  • Golf Swing Biomechanics   
  • Baseball Swing Biomechanics 
  • Softball Pitching Biomechanics
  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Baseball Pitching Biomechanics
Top US Triathlete Amanda Stevens
Hercules Star Kevin Sorbo & wife Sam
Kurt Warner and wife
Bo Derek - Still a 10
Shoulder to shoulder with Tom Hanks
Evander Holifield- "Enough Said"
Bruce Jenner (now Kaitlin)
The RunRite Challenge
Former NFL Star Anquan Boldin
Coaching - On the Track
MLB Star-Ryan Howard
USA Power Lifting
MLB All-Stars
Golf fitness
ASU Greats!
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Every athlete moves in a way to their own unique strengths, weaknesses, physical limitations and abilities, even their thoughts play a role!" 

Zig Ziegler, The Sports Kinesiologist